Pulse Oximeter

  • Nemoxi 512
    Nemoxi 512 is a Pulse Oximeter device with specifications as below:
    • Portable monitor used to measure continuous and non-invasive oxygen saturation of arterial blood (SPO2%)
    • A backlight ccft display with a resolution of 64 x 240 pixels
    • The ability to display SPO2% and PR parameters and waveform plethy smograph waveform and pulse intensity section.
    • An internal speaker for voice alert notification as well as pulse beep sound per beat.
    • Adjustable audio and visual alarms
    • 24-hour trend memory for the% SPO2 and PR parameters
    • Powerful 20W power supply, as well as lithium-ion rechargeable internal battery with capacity of MAH1800 and operating time of 3 hours.
    • The use of various pulse oximeter probes such as BASIC and silicone, or Y-sensor for neonate (optional), and the system uses a wavelength of 660 nm for red LEDs and 940 nm for infrared LEDs.
    • Various LED indicators for power connection AC Battery status and alarms indicator alarm settings are display on the LCD.
    • Adjustment of the amplitude of the amplitude of the waveform (Gain): 1/2, 1/1, 2, 4, and Auto. Sweep speed setting: 12/5, 25 mm/sec.
    • Set the date and time that will remain in memory when the system is off.
    • The accuracy of SPO2% measurement varies between 70 and 100 is ±2 and the resolution is 1.
    • The accuracy of PT measurement is ±2 bpm and its resolution is 1bpm. The PR range is also 25 to 30 BPM.
    • It can freeze the waveform.
    • The dimensions of the system are 78 * 205 * 22 (height * width * length) mm and system weight is 1020 grams.